Another Award! New Parking Garage at the James A. Quillen VA Medical Center – Mt. Home, TN

Another Award! New Parking Garage at the James A. Quillen VA Medical Center – Mt. Home, TN

Here at MSK Construction, we are thrilled to begin our project with the Mountain Home, Tennessee VA Medical Center. This $8 Million project will bring a brand new three level above ground parking garage to those who utilize James A. Quillen VA Medical Center. The Medical Center has continued to see constant growth, and this project is absolutely necessary for them to continue to provide excellent service to our veterans. With hundreds of spaces being added with this garage, we hope to provide more convenience and ease to the veterans attending this VA Medical Center.

James A. Quillen VA Medical Center has been up and running since 1903. It provides services to over 170,000 veterans living in 41 different counties in the states of Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky. They stand behind their core competencies of “I Care”: integrity, commitment, advocacy, respect, and excellence. Through these values they are able to honor our veterans by providing the best healthcare that is possible. Our parking garage will allow them to further these great efforts.

The Project Manager overseeing this project is Shane Lamb. Shane has 12 years of experience in the Construction Industry, and has overseen over $23 Million in construction projects. He has extensive knowledge in project management and construction management, as well as hands on experience in the construction field. His communication and coordination skills allow him to excel in both the scheduling and completion of fast track jobs. Shane has worked in the Mountain Home, TN VA Medical Center, so this project is near and dear to him. He is the perfect fit for the Project Management position on this project.

MSK hopes to break ground in the near future and more forward with the parking garage plans. Visit here to see the press coverage on the new parking garage.



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