Avery Research Center Mechanical & Exterior Renovations – College of Charleston, SC

As of February 2018, MSK has begun the process to complete the Avery Institute Mechanical & Exterior Renovations project for our repeat client the College of Charleston. This project is located at the Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture found in the heart of Downtown Charleston.  The Avery project consists of Building envelope renovations, mechanical system upgrades and related architectural work. Cleaning, preparation of existing elastomeric coating over stucco, masonry, concrete and CMU block surfaces, repointing of brick and CMU masonry and repairs to stucco and concrete surfaces, removal and replacement of all exterior sealants, removal of all windows and replacement including modifications to openings and elastomeric coating system to exterior walls for entire exterior surfaces. Work will also include total removal of existing roof system down to the structural deck and replacement with a new thermoplastic roof system including flashings (membrane and sheet metal), edge metals, tie-in to fascia/soffit conditions, gutters, downspouts, insulation system with taper and cricket layouts, closures, underlayment systems and roof assembly components for various roof areas.  The total area of the project encompassed 24,412SF.

To learn more about this historical building we encourage you to visit http://avery.cofc.edu/.