The MSK overall approach to providing the most valuable services possible focuses on knowledgeable and careful attention to planning, review, organizational and control issues.

The MSK standard of operations is to implement methods and managerial skills to accomplish the work in a highly collaborative and participatory environment. Open-mindedness, cooperation, integrity and clarity are values that are emphasized and instilled by our organization. Problem solving and problem avoidance is always a collaborative team effort in order to facilitate synergy and harmonious working relationships by all. At the same time – and when necessary – MSK will provide tough-minded leadership and decision-making in order to achieve the Owner’s and overall project team’s goals and expectations.

Our project approach is also heavily reliant on implementing the proven systems, processes and procedures that are required to run an efficient, well-oiled construction project. We utilize state-of-the-art management information and effective project planning software as the technological, logistical, operational and financial “backbone” for each project.

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Core Services

Construction/Project Management

Construction Management (CM) is defined as the process of organizing, leading, and managing the people, materials, and processes of actual construction. CM emphasis is also now increasingly being placed on pre-construction design services, value engineering, coordination of contract documents, and continuous cost management and cost integration from initial design through project occupancy. Central to CM are schedule and cost control management strategies and various aspects of quality control. MSK has established formal detailed systems and processes for attending not only to routine issues but also to extraordinary complications which may arise in the course of work. MSK integrates comprehensive client communications at all stages of progress to ensure any interruptions are resolved quickly and with the utmost effectiveness. The principles of MSK have provided these services to a broad cross-section of sectors and project types including both new construction and numerous renovation/expansion projects. The markets in which Mike and Sonny have PM/CM (and/or general contracting) expertise and experience are found below. To review examples of our prior and current projects please click on the ‘Our Resumé’ tab above.

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General Contracting

Since 1984, Paul “Sonny” Marshall has been providing general contractor services to both public and private sector owners. His positive track record of on-time and on-budget delivery is attributable to highly experienced, seasoned staff of professionals, a dedicated customer-service focus, and our “can do” work ethic. MSK relies heavily on technology based processes and systems including Primavera Systems software using CPM methodology to plan, control, and monitor all projects. In addition, we place great emphasis on establishing and developing strong personal relationships with all project team members. MSK possesses an in-depth expertise regarding all facets of public works contracting, public bidding, and prevailing wage requirements and processes. Mike and Sonny have experience managing approximately $500 million worth of construction contracts that are covered under public contracting codes and regulations. The spans their service to over 40 public agencies in the State of California, including counties, municipalities, school districts, redevelopment agencies, housing authorities, and other public entities. Mike has provided its general contracting services in a broad cross-section of sectors and with a wide range of project types, including both new construction and renovations/expansions.

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In addition to Project/Construction Management and General Contracting Services, our team provides Design/Build to Owner’s whose projects can benefit most form this type of delivery method. Design/Build is a construction project delivery system where, in contrast to traditional “design-bid-build,” the design and construction aspects are contracted with a single entity. This system is used to minimize project risk for an owner to reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project.

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Public Sector

Schools / K-12 Schools / Higher Education Libraries Museums Municipal Buildings Recreation Centers Public Housing Athletic Facilities Senior Centers Public Safety Buildings Police and Fire Stations Correctional Facilities Military Housing Military Infrastructure Research and Development Buildings

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Private Sector

Casinos Hotel Mixed-Use Retail Consumer Services Multi-Unit Residential Office Attractions and Entertainment

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Core Experience


Our President, Mike Williams has over 27 years experience in the construction and project management field combined with the over 40 years of experience accumulated by Paul “Sonny” Marshall our VP.

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Mike & Sonny have been providing general contractor services to both public and private sector owners for decades. Their positive track record of on-time and on-budget delivery is attributable to a highly experienced, seasoned staff of professionals, a dedicated customer-service focus, and MSK’s “can do” work ethic.

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Our MSK team members have had extensive experience with Hospital Construction, Modernizations, and Renovations. Find out how their previous experience can boost your future projects success.

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In addition to Construction Management and General Contracting services, MSK provides Design/Build services to Owner’s whose projects can benefit most from this type of delivery method. During their careers, the MSK principles have delivered many successful Design/Build projects. Check out their resumés to learn more.

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MSK reviews the quality of all factors of production to ensure a streamlined process and successful project. Through years of management experience and education the MSK team continues to perfect our quality control management process.

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From earliest design phase planning through assessment of alternative construction methods to project close-out, MSK provides Owners with insights, forethought, and clear recommendations to improve design and construction efficiencies on a dedicated and continuous basis.

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MSK operates with a Safety First initiative to ensure compliance and efficiency on any job site.

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Mike & Sonny have both served on several completed LEED Certified Projects. Their rich project experience has given the MSK team the tools and know how to achieve the goals of each project.

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