The Peoples Office Building – Charleston, SC

The People’s Building Exterior Maintenance & Repairs  – Charleston, SC

MSK has successfully completed the Exterior Maintenance & Repair of the infamous “Skyscraper of Charleston.” MSK Construction, Inc. is proud to have executed the repair of this historic Charleston Landmark, the project involved intensive scaffolding efforts and coordination with tenants, neighbors and the general public. The People’s Building at 18 Broad St. was Charleston, South Carolina’s first “skyscraper,” erected in 1910-11 at a cost of $300,000. It was designed by a Swedish architect, Victor Frohling of Thompson & Frohling, of New York and built by both Simons-Mayrant of Charleston and also the Hadden Construction Co. (Charleston News & Courier. Dec 8, 1909.) This building stands tall and forever altered the Charleston Skyline, even welcoming President William Howard Taft, who viewed the city from the top of the building, said, “I don’t believe that it did ruin the skyline, but if it did the view from up here makes it worth it.”

Due to the buildings’ significance to the City of Charleston, MSK worked closely with the very knowledgeable staffs at the Historic Charleston Foundation, Board of Architectural Review and various departments at the City of Charleston. Our efforts ensured that MSK’s work exceeded the aesthetic standards that Charleston is famous for.  MSK meticulously investigated over 33,000 square feet of the exterior of this building, discovering much needed improvements to the weather-worn shell of the over 100 year old structure.The repairs remedied key deficiencies of the building and ensured that this Charleston gem will remain preserved for generations to come.  This project entailed working to repair exterior deficiencies which included repairing cracks in the masonry, granite and grout, refinishing handrails, repairing original windows and reviving deteriorated paint.

With the morning sun the south and east elevations of the Peoples’ Building look really good. It’s  so much cleaner if that makes sense. The colors really pop.”

– Tony Youmans, Neighbor & Director at The Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon

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