Tindall Precast Facility Tour

Tindall Precast Facility Tour

This past month, a few of our Project team members on the New Above Ground Parking Garage project in Mountain Home, TN were given the opportunity to visit and tour the Tindall Corporations facility. Tindall is a leading subcontractor in the High Performance Precast industry, and MSK is honored to work with them on the Mountain Home VAMC parking structure. MSK has teamed up with Tindall due to their stellar qualifications and knowledge on the processes required to create a durable and long-lasting parking structure.

Kimi and Alex, two of our team members on the parking structure project, reported having an incredible experience viewing Tindall’s side of the construction process. First, they were able to view the mock-ups for the Mountain Home VA Medical Center parking structure project. These mock-ups are a great representation of what the finished product will look like; the mock-ups that Tindall created were approved. Kimi and Alex were also able to view other architectural products that Tindall currently working on.

Next, they got a glimpse into the casting facilities, where they were able to see walls that were being reinforced, as well as other embedded items that were being prepared for casting later in the day. Following the casting facilities, Kimi and Alex viewed part of the process crews take to set concrete for curing at Tindall’s concrete pouring station. The last casting facility they visited was for shear walls. At this station they learned the importance of the reinforcements used – they cannot be off by more than 1/8th of an inch or things could go wrong. Seeing the hard work and precision put into these processes definitely gave our team members an even greater appreciation for our partners at Tindall.

After a walk-through of the various casting facilities, our team was led through the finishing facility as well as the storage areas. Tindall’s steel shop and the Quality Control Lab wrapped up the tour. In the steel shop, Kimi and Alex learned about Rapid Loks and why this is Tindall’s go-to system for structural connections. In the Quality Control Lab, Tindall’s QC processes were explained and our team was able to view the curing room.

Overall, the Tindall facility tour was very beneficial for our project team. Getting an insider glimpse at with our main subcontractor on this project gave them an in depth understanding of how production is coming along, and the immense amount of work and care that goes into each step. With this information, we are able to better understand our process and progress on the project. MSK is excited to continue to work with Tindall and create a long-lasting, quality parking structure to better serve our veterans at the Mountain Home, TN VA Medical Center.


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