Asheville Building 9 Rendition by the Atriax Group

Two New VAMC Projects! Building 7 in Salisbury & Building 9 in Asheville

MSK Construction is proud to announce that we have been awarded two VA Medical Center Projects: Correct Facility Condition Assessment Deficiencies and Renovate Building 7 at the Salisbury, North Carolina VA Medical Center and Rehabilitate Building 9 for Mental Health Center at the Asheville, North Carolina VA Medical Center.

The Building 7 project will be a great opportunity for MSK to continue building our relationship with the Salisbury VAMC. This is the second project that we have been awarded at this VA, and our staff and subcontractors look forward to continuing work in Salisbury. The project includes general construction, alterations, grading, drainage, mechanical and electrical work, the necessary removal of existing structures, and other specifics that the corrections and renovations will require. This project will occur over the course of one year, and we are very excited to break ground in the near future.

Rehabilitate Building 9 for Mental Health Center will be our first opportunity to work at the Asheville VA Medical Center and this has been highly anticipated by our team. Veterans from 20 North Carolina counties utilize the Charles George VA Medical Center, and we look forward to improving their stay through the hard work we intend to put into this project. The existing building is 42,619 gsf including basement, three floors, and attic space. The rehabilitation of Building 9 will include the renovation of all mental health offices, exam rooms, group rooms, and support rooms, all while preserving the original look of the exterior of Building 9. MSK is very excited to form relationships with both new subcontractors in the area and the staff and visitors at the Asheville VA Medical Center.

Photo Source: Drawings by Atriax, pllc –


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